Wrap Around Bunji

This is the big one for babies and breastfeeding and everything else that requires absolute comfort.

It is stable yet soft.  Perfect for putting new born bub on and he or she wont roll off while you get your bits and pieces sorted while getting a handle on this breastfeeding business.  Or if bub is bottle fed, its perfect for anyone to feed the baby in a soft, comforting position that bub will love and you will love.  Toss out the tri-pillow and get yourself a Wrap Around Bunji Pillow.

Ideal pillow for the floor so young ones can “nurse” the baby (under supervision of course), or young one’s, when they are done holding the baby, can curl up and have a much needed nap themselves.  Fastest way to put a toddler to sleep!  Its all soft and comfortable just like cuddling up to mum.

And when bub gets to “I think I’ll try to sit up now”, its the perfect pillow to surround bub with a bump the head prevention zone.

What’s not to love about the Wrap Around Pillow.