Travel Bunji

Slightly smaller than the Standard Pillow, this is your ideal travel companion.


Lightweight, it is perfect for carry on luggage on the plane, use it in the car, bus, train, quick nap on the desk at work (if you can get away with it) and more.


The ultimate pillow to have on hand.  The Bunji Pillow is a soft, pliable but stabilising pillow that provides relief and support for transporting anyone with a broken bone, whiplash, injuries that need to provide cushioning between a limb and the injury.  Pop it under a knee, elbow, ankle, arm, elbow, hand, head, neck, or wherever.  Great as a chock behind the back to stop someone rolling back.

And they are the must-have for post surgery/ops.  Perfect support under the arm for shoulder replacements, especially when sleeping at night.  It protects and supports without causing any discomfort or pain.  Knee replacements, broken bones set, amputations, mastectomies, head traumas and operations, broken ankles, foot surgery, hand and arm surgery.

Small and compact, these pillows are easy to keep with you at home, hospital, travelling or sleeping.